Eight Rounds Rapid + The Charlemagnes

Eight Rounds Rapid + The Charlemagnes
Saturday, June 10, 2017
8:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
1 Caxton Place
Newport, Wales np204bn
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Southend R&B ruffians Eight Rounds Rapid who include in their number the son of Wilko Johnson.

They’re not making a big deal out of guitarist Simon Johnson’s Dad being our Wilko; this is a band that stand on their own shiny brogue soles and there’s no hint of coat-tail clutching on LossLeader whatsoever. Formed in 2013, they certainly channel the sound of Canvey Island but this is no mere revivalism. Dave Alexander’s freewheeling lyrics are planted firmly in the 21st Century with his band-mates’ energetic chopping, growling backing delivered pretty much fat-free.

Opening song (and lead single) Channel Swimmer is indicative of what’s to come; speed-thrill rhythm, finger-blistering guitar riffing and Alexander’s barrow-boy snarl. You can forget the niceties of your typical landfill indie, this is rock and roll as it was meant to be. Think The Who, The Feelgoods (of course), Nine Below Zero and a rather innocuous dollop of Mark Perry’s ATV with a modernist slant and you’re close to the soul of ERR.

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