Brendon Burns And Colt Cabana

Brendon Burns And Colt Cabana
Saturday, July 8, 2017
8:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
1 Caxton Place
Newport, Wales np204bn
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Brendon Burns and Colt Cabana Provide Comedy and Commentary to Bad Wrestling Matches.

Brendon Burns (Perrier Award winner) and Colt Cabana (WWE and BBC Insane Fight Club) embody the spirit of the Edinburgh Fringe. There’s nothing else like this. Returning for a fifth year, this is essentially what is says on the tin. Together, the double act sit and watch wrestling...and it’s amazing! They’ve howled as Tracy Smothers tried to work a match with a bear. They’ve grimaced as Kenny Omega miraculously worked a fifteen minute competitive match with a sex doll in Japan. But above all, Burns and Cabana have actually gotten pretty good at doing this.

One of the funniest late night shows around. I can’t wait to go back”

**** The Skinny

“Hilarious, shocking, astounding and, when put on super slow motion, hilarious again. There is a possibility that a show like this could fall flat but given the presenters incredulity that it even exists at all, you somehow sense it never will.”

**** Broadway Baby

“It’s base but gut funny. There’s ad-libbing, chanting, wrestling trivia. It’s the nostalgia of being 15 again, the glorious banter of the schoolboy’ bedroom, I just wish I never had to go in for my tea”

**** Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

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