Yep. You read that right. It’s not quite a mclusky reunion as Jon lives in Australia these days, Future Of The Left bassist Julia will be filling in. This isn’t Future Of The Left playing the couple of mclusky songs they do live though, this is a proper 45 minute set of mclusky songs. Have I said ‘mclusky’ enough?

When this idea was suggested, we got over excited and remembered that one of the best gigs ever to take place in Le Pub was mclusky being supported by Jarcrew. So we asked Jarcrew if they fancied reforming for the night. It was a long shot but they said yes. They’ll also be playing a full 45 minute set.

I don’t know what else to write. It’s mclusky and Jarcrew. In Le Pub.

Oh yeah, the date, sorry. It’s Saturday 8th November. Get yourself to the Le Pub Indiegogo Site to buy your ticket, they’re £16.50. We also have special bundles involving stupidly limited edition screen printed posters and t-shirts that will only be available on the site and in small numbers on the night itself. Tickets aren’t available anywhere else.

Everyone involved is donating their time and considerable talent to the #savelepub campaign and all proceeds from tickets, posters and t-shirts will be going towards paying for the soundproofing that the venue needs to keep its doors open. A massive thanks from Le Pub to every person playing this event for their generosity.

When we gonna get excited?
Sing it.

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