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Welcome to Le Pub.

All the latest gig news and Le Pub goings on can be found on the News section and our full gig listing can be found at What’s On. You can click our lovely little dollar signs to buy tickets or visit We Got Tickets. You can buy them in person from Diverse Music on Charles Street in Newport city center.

Do you want to play or promote a show here? Check out our Promoters / Artists Info page.

For an explanation to the above roof-o-meter, CLICK HERE.

You love music. We love music. Our neighbours…not so much. Help us soundproof the roof. Le Pub needs £10k to soundproof the venue and protect ourselves from future noise complaints. You can do your bit to keep us open but clicking the banner below and buying one of the many available items. From beer and branded pint glasses to your own live record! Every penny will go toward saving Le Pub.

We’re not just about music, we have a regular comedy night too. Check it out!